The mission of the California Tax Reform Association is a fair tax system in California, in order to provide the foundation for a healthy public sector and a successful economy. Founded in 1976, CTRA has been involved as an advocate for fair taxation in virtually every major tax policy debate in the legislature and at the state tax agencies. We have also been involved in many statewide ballot measures involving tax policy, and have provided our expertise in many forums, presentations, articles, and in the media.

Revenues for the Budget Crisis

Revenues for the 09-10 and 10-11 Budget: a list of collections, loophole closing and fair revenues to avoid severe cuts in programs


Internet Tax Avoidance: SF Chronicle op-ed

San Francisco Chronicle op-ed article which highlights how the “Amazon” loophole hurts jobs and tax revenue in California
Read the original article in the SF Chron


California’s Cavernous Corporate Loopholes: LA Times op-ed,0,249660.story

As voters try to decide how to repair the state’s budget, big companies are walking away with billions in tax giveaways.

By Lenny Goldberg

Op-ed piece which explains the huge new corporate loopholes which stem from the last two budget agreements and which will cost the state $2.5 billion yearly . Read about how they happened and how they work


Working Family Summit Tax Reform

Read here for a comprehensive listing of waste, fraud and abuse in the tax system; fair taxes to solve our budget crisis, and structural reform necessary to move California forward. Download the PDF


A rational budget solution is within our grasp

What if California had a normal government by which it addressed the ever-growing budget deficit?
A Capitol Weekly article


Single Sales Factor: the continued destruction of the corporation tax

California is on the verge of continuing to gut its corporation tax, without debate and discussion.  Last year’s budget agreement contained two provisions to shelter income and destabilize the corporation tax.  This year another heavily-lobbied provision—single sales factor apportionment– will be attached to the budget which will provide a cumulative billions in revenue loss, at [...]


CTRA’s Statement on tax loopholes in the budget

 Contact:  Lenny Goldberg
 Sept 15, 2008
“Death of the Corporation Tax” is part of the Budget Deal           

In exchange for a small amount of temporary short-term revenues, the Legislature is poised to open two vast new loopholes in the corporation tax, loopholes which will continue indefinitely.  The impact will be to greatly diminish the corporation tax at [...]


Oil Fact Sheet

A Fact sheet on oil severance tax.